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Boost the effectiveness of your regulatory training

We'll help you maintain compliance with CMS and The Joint Commission efficiently and systematically. A three-part program addresses all of the basics and lets you customize the courses with information specific to your facility. These courses are available online so your staff can learn whenever and wherever it's convenient.

Critical information to meet your needs

Clinical and non-clinical staff will receive engaging information on the topics they must be proficient in, such as:

  • Abuse and Violence Reporting
  • Age-Specific Training
  • Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Infection Control
  • Medical Error Awareness
  • Pain Management
  • Restraint and Seclusion

Customize training for your facility

In addition to our basic course offering, some hospitals create supplemental courses in order to meet individual facility regulatory needs. If you need to include additional site-specific information, you can easily add your own content. You can also add test questions to the courses to assess your staff's knowledge of the material.

Designed with everyone in mind

Course materials are designed for readers as well as visual or auditory learners.

  • Diverse learning styles are targeted with video and audio files as well as manuscripts
  • Busy professionals can learn at their own pace by viewing the courses at different times –spending just 3 minutes on one topic
  • Their progress will be tracked so they'll always know how much training they've accomplished
  • Designed for learners of all levels, as well as employees who speak Spanish

Swank HealthCare's course library provides each healthcare facility access to courses that address the continuing education requirements of over 100 regulatory agencies and licensing entities.