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Rural HealthCare
Accredited Online Education designed for Critical Access Hospitals

Rural health facilities have long struggled to provide staff members with the regulatory training and continuing education they need without incurring huge costs in the process. Sending staff to conferences and other off-site training events translates to replacement staff and travel costs, which are both unpredictable and expensive.

To facilitate the best education and training results possible, Swank HealthCare is proud to provide excellent education resources as well as unrivaled customer support to its customers, especially to the rural health facilities that all too often don't receive the attention that they both need and deserve.

Swank HealthCare offers incredible value for your training dollar:

  • Hundreds of courses
  • More than 20 professional disciplines
  • Eliminate travel and replacement staff costs
  • Convenient online access for the entire staff
  • 24/7/365 live user support

Swank HealthCare makes educating your staff convenient for everyone, affordable and tailored to the unique needs of your hospital.

To learn more about all the advantages of an online educational program from Swank HealthCare contact us today at
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The National Rural Health Association Hosts Webinar with Swank HealthCare’s Rebecca Smallwood
On April 30, Rebecca Smallwood conducted a webinar on “The Road to Patient Safety”. Rebecca has the background and experience to provide broad insight into patient safety with over 25 years of clinical and administrative experience in a vast array of settings and for the past 5 years she has been a HealthCare Learning and Development consultant… Read More

In the last 5 years, no customer has been charged additional fees for custom reports, technical support calls, content uploads, customer service calls, remote training, or refresher training.

Case Study
West Park Hospital - Cody, Wyoming

West Park Hospital of Cody, Wyoming needed an extensive continuing education program to help cut costs and increase their staff's educational compliance...

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