Delivering comprehensive education solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide.
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Distributing learning solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide

Swank HealthCare is a leading distributor of online healthcare education for civilian and military hospitals, clinics and medical treatment facilities worldwide. We make learning fun, easy and convenient.

The Swank HealthCare Learning Management System provides a comprehensive solution that achieves all continuing education and training objectives for healthcare professionals. Customers discover that we're the perfect complement to their current program. Whatever your needs, we'll find a way to satisfy them.

What makes Swank HealthCare different?
  • 500 new accredited courses per year and a broad curriculum across more than 20 distinct disciplines or professions
  • Courses to help maintain annual regulatory compliance, meeting the toughest standards of patient care and regulatory requirements
  • Tailored training to meet the needs of healthcare organizations — large, small and everywhere in between
  • A time-saving service that integrates content with tracking and assessment tools
  • Consistently high customer service marks from clients

Dedicated to hospital educators and caregivers

Swank HealthCare cares about individuals who have dedicated themselves to providing excellent patient care. We've made it our mission to bring the classroom to healthcare employees, inspiring them to engage in career-long learning and skills development. We're also dedicated to supporting educators in their efforts to maintain compliance with regulatory standards while training staff at a reasonable cost.

Customer-centered for over 75 years

Swank HealthCare's corporate culture is one of continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on staying close to our customers and anticipating their needs. Company Chairman, Tim Swank upholds and radiates our exceptional customer service standards throughout the company. We pride ourselves in the responsive, personal attention we have given our customers for over 75 years.

In the past 12 months, 86% of service calls were resolved within 5 minutes.